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Located in the south of France,betweenthe historic city of Nimes and the Mediterranean Sea, the Chateau St.Benezet  is in the municipality of Saint-Gilles, at the southern end of the Rhone Valley.

Acquired in1999 by Michel Bosse-Platière and Jean-Pierre Soulairac, wine industry professionals, then it was composed of 80 hectares of vines.

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Benezet (62)Over the years, the operation has significantly expanded and modernized thanks to major improvements, a restructuring program and the acquisition of new properties in the most qualitatives oils of the region.

The vineyards of Silex and Fonteuil in the municpality of Gallician, Haut-Broussan and Aveylans in Bellegarde and The Château Bellefontaine, composed of 66 hectares in Franquevaux, have been acquired by turns.

Today, all Saint-Benezet Vineyards, directedby Yann Soulairac and Elise Bosse-Platière extend overmore than 200 ha fully grown farming "TerraVitis".

First of all the cave was redone and an extension of 600 m2 was realised. The development was also significant at the winery with the acquisition of an efficient winemaking equipment in order to ensure the highest quality of our wines.

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Reception, ther moregulation tanks, 2 new pneumatic presses, aflash-release, a rotating filter andmany other improve ment shave gradually made to create an efficient wine making tool.

Along side an air-conditioned storage building was built for rearing and storage of our wine sin bottles.

Today, Saint-Benezet Vineyards are considered a major player in the regional viticultureand winesare frequently awarde dat the biggest competitions in France and abroad.

Commercially, sales have also been developed and now some of 800 000 bottles are sold and packed by year before being distributed in around 20 countries all over the world.


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